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Founder: John McAfee
CEO: David DeWalt

Placement Procedure: Edit

1)WRITTEN:-Technical and Aptitude test
Technical(20 question, 30 Minutes):-c,c++,os.. and some java questions
Quantitative : (40 Minutes, 30 question)
Reasoning / Analytical : (40 Minutes, 30 question)
Verbal English : (40 Minutes, 30 question)
The paper is based on CAT pattern..
2)GD:- sometimes not
3)INTERVIEW:-Technical and HR
C(Find output of some given code)
C++( inheritance and virtual functions..give code the usage of virtual functions, insertion of node in linked list)
OS (virtual memory, page faults, thrashing, racing condition, shell variables)
DS(code for generating a mirror image of a tree, Linked list)
Networks: diff b/w http & https; GET and POST method...
Projects and Training...

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Company Info: Edit this content

Share Price (at the moment):




Fresher Package:

6.1 Lpa

Onsite Opportunity:



*Unmatched Detection Technology(application/protocol)
*USB Removable Storage Device Control
*Real-Time Encrypted Threat Protection
*Comprehensive Security
*Enveloping and shielding protection on database servers blocks malicious requests such as SQL injections, buffer overflows, and denial of service attacks.



Switching Option:

Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon

Working Hours:



6,100 (2010)


Professional Services :-design, implement, and optimize your security
Product Education:-security products.


Bangalore, Mumbai