Company Facts for DEUTSCHE BANK

Founder: Georg von Siemens
CEO: Josef Ackermann

Placement Procedure: Edit

1)WRITTEN:-Maths, verbal, DI and economics
2)INTERVIEW:-One Puzzle, general economics based (No finance as such) and other HR...
Puzzle-They give you around 5-6 puzzle one by not do calculation mistakes
after that Some core question related to your department only 1 or 2 ..followed by then a probability puzzle on circles, and another on strategy for reaching diametrical opposite end when you have to dodge someone standing at the center and speed 4 times yours....
HR:-Why DB, Why Finance...and some question on location and some for higher studies..

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Company Info: Edit this content

Share Price (at the moment):




Fresher Package:

12 Lpa (IIT)

Onsite Opportunity:



UNIX shells, Perl, Tcl, Java, C++....
J2EE technologies (JDBC, JMS, JSP, Web Services, EJB ... )
Swing / SWT
Application Server (Weblogic, JBoss)
Databases (Oracle, Sybase)
JUnit, Ant
UNIX (Solaris, Linux)



Switching Option:

Royal Dutch shell, Google, Microsoft....

Working Hours:



80,849 ( 2010)


trade finance, cash management and trust & securities services ....
sales and trading of capital markets products including debt, equity, and other securities, together with our corporate advisory, corporate lending and transaction banking businesses.....
Investment, commercial, retail and private banking, asset management....