Company Facts for Deem Roll-Tech Ltd

Founder: Mr. Jyoti bhattacharya
CEO: Mr. Jyoti bhattacharya

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1. Twin crucible 4 Ton Induction Furnace (Electrotherm)
2. Single crucible 1 Ton Induction Furnace (Megatherm)
3. Spectrometer 18 channels
4. Heavy Duty Imported Lathes – 20 Nos.
5. Norton Roll Grinder – 650m X 2000m.
6. Horizontal Boring Machine 90mm & 100mm -4 Nos.
7. Radial Heavy Duty Drill 50mm
8. Vertical Turret lathe 1200mm
9. 24” Shaper – 2 Nos.
10. Assorted Tools & Tackles
11. Assorted Pyrometers
12. Major casting Pits
13. Compressor
14. Hardness Tester
15. Ultra Sonic Testing M/c
16. Complete wet lab for Chemical analysis 10 EOT Crane – 6 Nos.
17. 5” Sand Muller
18. Ladles of various sizes
19. Chillers / Moulds
20. 30 MT Heat Treatment Furnace (Bogiehearth type)


Decent, more than 10% ..

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Jindal, Tata, Reliance, Halliburton....

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Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
Indefinite Chill Alloy Cast Iron
Alloy Steel Base
Double Poured Alloy Indefinite Chill
Ring Rolls
Ring Rolls Non Metallurgial Industries....


Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Mehsana...