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Placement Procedure: Edit

  • 100 question in 2 hour, 1 and half hour for technical (80 ques) and half hour for aptitude (20 ques).
  • For CST:-
    • C--(30q-- pointers 10, struct 5, command line argument 2, loops 10 simple errors 3 )
    • C++--(30q-- 20q are theoretical objective, 5q operator overloading, 5q virtual class concept)
    • UNIX--(15 q complex commands)
    • PERL--(5q very very simple)
  • FOR ETC:-
    • Communication engineering
      • 10-18 ques.
      • PCM, AM, FSK, DPSK, Numericals & Objective questiom
      • Autocorrelation
      • OFC (5-10q)
    • Digital Electronics
      • AROUND 10 q
      • How many half adder and or gates required for 4 bit adder.
      • Boolean equations
      • Totem pole output
    • Analog electronics
      • 20-30 ques
      • Transistors, electron hole concentration... etc
      • Numerical based on base current n all
    • Microwave Engineering
      • 10 q
      • One was like wave guide acts as? A high pass filter(ans)
      • Range of radar one numerical.
    • Some question are C based, On binary search and all that..simple one
INTERVIEW:- Technical and Hr in the same panel
  • If you scored Good marks in Written then preference is given to you and will be asked some basic question which they asked in the written test.

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Company Info: Edit this content

Share Price (at the moment):




Fresher Package:

6.7 Lpa in NIT, 4.65 in others..

Onsite Opportunity:

Look Elsewhere


Core networking in the telecom domain


Not much to look for, though starting pay is good

Switching Option:

Alcatel, Siemens, Aricent, Conexant, Agilent etc

Working Hours:



1000+,Around 500 in both Delhi and Bangalore.


consulting, training,transfer of technology, field support


Delhi (mainly for software work), Bangalore (for FPGA and other hardware related work).