Founder: Charles Wang
CEO: William McCracken

Placement Procedure: Edit

  • Initially written test for 65 minutes.And in that first 3 sections
  • Quantitative : 15 Minutes
    Normal aptitude ques is given in it and cube related prob is the famous one in it
  • Reasoning / Analytical : 10 Minutes
    Questions like substitute, conversions
  • Verbal English : 10 Minutes
    Paragraph questions and prepositions , articles , and meanings
  • Technical : 30 Minutes
    • C, C++ or Java (any one)
    • In C++  Questions about the classes , virtual classes , copy constructor object oriented programming etc
    • In C questions on Pointers, memory functions like memset , memcpy, etc
  • There will 100 % -ve marks.
INTERVIEW:-Technical(2) and HR(1)
  • Technical Round
    • Two technical interviews first one for 1hour 15 minutes,second one for half an hour. 
    • In first round : OOP Concepts & types of testing, deadlock , etc. Mainly concentrated on Networking like ipv4, ipv6, Routing, Network layers, Topologies. In DBMS queries like finding nth maximum or minimum, Joins, Normal forms, DBMS & RDBMS. In DS questions about trees and real time applications of trees. Some questions based on C,C++ and UNIX.Like what are the differences between C and C++. About the projects and questions on the Subjects mentioned in Resume.
    • Those who cleared the 1st round are given around 40 pages of "Design patterns" introduction and  a Single Design pattern to each and  2 hours time to summarize the concept and asked to give a presentation on the pattern given to each.
  • HR Round
    • After completion of these technical rounds,,H.R round is conducted.
    • That is mainly for conversation with H.R 

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Company Info: Edit this content

Share Price (at the moment):




Fresher Package:

4.5-5.0 Lpa

Onsite Opportunity:



virtualization, cloud, SaaS
C,C++, JAVA/J2EE, ASP.NET, and all the IT technologies used to make the software...



Switching Option:

Amdocs, Adobe, Amdocs, Directi, Google, Microsoft....

Working Hours:



13,700 (2008)


Enterprise Software and IT services (Computer software)
Managed services :-
* Ongoing strategic IT alignment
* Service level reporting
* World class delivery
* Full lifecycle management
CA Software Rationalization Services