Company Facts for PETROFAC LIMITED

Founder: Ayman Asfari
CEO: Ayman Asfari

Placement Procedure: Edit

INTERVIEW:-Technical and HR
  • Civil:-Concrete technology, Structures...
  • Chemical:-pump designing, pump lining, heat equipment design and distillation column design, Basics of chemical engineering, mass transfer- distillation, column designing.
  • EEE-Distributed Systems, Current Transformer,what type of machines
    Petrofac need according to your view?, Motor(Induction, Synchronous)
  • Metallurgy:- Corrosion, Heat treatment, Projects based Questions.
  • Mechanical:- Thermodynamics, Projects, Machines, Motors...

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Onsite Opportunity:



Caltec designs, develops and supplies multi-phase boosting and separation technologies...
boosting low-pressure wells without adversely impacting high-pressure system, recovery of low-pressure gas/oil, flared gas recovery, export gas boosting, low-pressure gas boost from separators, well start-up, sustaining well life and dead-well kick-start, de-bottle necking main compression stations, primary gas/liquid separation, primary gas/oil separation, bulk oil/water separation, solids separation, knock out of liquids from wet gas, smoothes out “slugging” in flow, under balanced drilling applications , de-bottlenecking of production facilities.....



Switching Option:

Royal Dutch Shell, BG group, Cairn Energy, BP, Qserv, Conoco, Total, Chevron.....

Working Hours:



11,000 (2010)


* Engineering & Construction
* Offshore Engineering & Operations
* Training
* Energy Developments
* Production Solutions
* Carbon capture and storage
* Project case studies


Mumbai, Chennai..