Company Facts for Cybage

Founder: Arun Nathani
CEO: Arun Nathani

Placement Procedure: Edit

  • Aptitude test: 30 question in 30 minutes
  • It is very easy test. English is bit tough but maths is easy. 
  • 30 questions out of 10(maths) and 20(english).
  • Maths: Percentage, ratio, ages, numbers pie chart bar chart, time and distance.
  • English:2 synonym 2 antonym , bridges, 1 RC etc ..
2)INTERVIEW:-Technical interview.
  • It is the toughest round . c, c++, java SQL are the subjects from where questions are asked. Be clear whatever you have written in your CV, because they ask CV in interview and start asking question from your CV.

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Company Info: Edit this content

Share Price (at the moment):




Fresher Package:

CTC 3.2 Lpa

Onsite Opportunity:

Fair, But get a chance after a long time...


* Microsoft Technologies
* Java Technologies
* LAMP - Linux, Apache, PHP, Perl and MySQL
* Unix/ Linux
* Web 2.0
* Cloud Computing



Switching Option:

IBM, Geometric Limited, Amdocs, TCS, Sapient...and so many in India

Working Hours:



3500 (2010)


Outsourced Product Development (OPD) Services:-
* Software Development
* Software Re-engineering
* Software Maintenance
* Quality Assurance
Enterprise Business Solutions :-
* Application Development and Maintenance
* Enterprise Portals
* SOA and Web Services Implementations
* MIS and Data Analytics
Value-Added Services:-
* Technical Support
* User Interface Design and Usability
* Documentation
Idea Incubation Center


Pune, Hyderabad, Gandhinagar...