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Founder: Subash Menon
CEO: Subash Menon

Placement Procedure: Edit

WRITTEN:- Technical test
  • 30 minutes, 30 question:- based on C(FILE structures, pointers, arrays, enum, memory allocation)
  • Two programs has been given to you out of which one has been done...Based on C..
INTERVIEW:- Technical(2), HR, Telephonic Interview
  • Technical(1):-C, DS, C++, OS,DBMS, SQL(queries)
  • Technical(2):-CPU scheduling, page replacement algorithm in OS, SQL query, all the normalisation methods, sorting algorithms, different software engineering models (water fall model) which is better... C, C++ details
  • HR
  • Telephonic:- OS, DS...And some HR questions(Introduction) to check the communication skills...

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Company Info: Edit this content

Share Price (at the moment):



2 years bond of INR 3 Lakhs...

Fresher Package:

3.5-4.0 Lpa

Onsite Opportunity:



ASP.NET, SQL Server (2005, 2008)..XML, ALU 9370 RNC, Center (MSC) containing GSM, UMTS switching technologies, Operating Systems, Networking, Graphics Design, FLEX 3.0 / 2.0, J2ME, Web Technologies(AJAX)..and so on depends on the projects...



Switching Option:

Amdocs, Mindtree, CGI, TCS, SUNTEC, Samsung, Ericsson...and so many in India...

Working Hours:

Flexible , depends on the project on which you are working...


1,320 (June 2009)


Telecon Software products...