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Founder: Javad K Hassan, N .Jehangir,
CEO: Javad K Hassan

Placement Procedure: Edit

1)WRITTEN:-Aptitude test(75 question in 80 minutes)
IQ(20 questions in 20 min)
QUANTITATIVE(30 questions in 30 min)
TECHNICAL (25 questions in 30min):- Features of OOP, output of given code (2 questions), break point, worst & avg case of sorting, min no of swapping in which sorting, use of loader, use of compiler, scheduling used in Windows XP..
2)INTERVIEW:-Technical cum HR
C++ (pass by value, pass by reference, static variable, dynamic m/y allocation), Questions from your favorite subjects, Projects and Training...

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Share Price (at the moment):




Fresher Package:


Onsite Opportunity:

Fair, According to your performance and experience...


Embedded Systems, Multimedia and A/V Streaming, Wireless Applications... *
Data communications and networking
In Vehicle Networking - CAN , LIN,J1850.
Development on Embedded Platforms and real-time OS on OS & - OSEK, QNX, proprietary RTOS, Device connectivity and information technology..



Switching Option:

IBM, Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Netapp, Atos origin ..and so many..

Working Hours:



3000 +


Product engineering, VLSI design, Engineering Division, Multicore and HPC...
hardware manufacturing, software development, embedded product development, optronics, fiber optics, broadband, electronics R&D....


Trivandrum, Bangalore, Cochin, Mysore..