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Founder: Mr. Alok Aggarwal
CEO: Marc Vollenweider

Placement Procedure: Edit

1)WRITTEN:-It contains of two Sections
Section A:- 40 question in 1 hour
Normal Aptitude question and English Based Question
Section B:-Patent/Invention Writing
An unusual test, which test your Writing Skill along with your understanding of scientific invention and methodology...
Usually a product or or a concept is given which you have to read and frame it in your own words. Also sometime a flow-chart is asked to be drawn.
2)INTERVIEW:-Two round of interviews
They ask about the projects and the puzzles, case studies...

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Company Info: Edit this content

Share Price (at the moment):



Yes,1-2yrs (In IP divison only)

Fresher Package:

4.01 LPA (2008 joinees)

Onsite Opportunity:



Business Research related tools


Quite close to being satisfactory

Switching Option:

Grail Research, Rocsearch, Pipal Research, Bain Capability Center, Mckinsey Knowledge Center, E&Y,Watson Wyatt, I-Banks..phew!!

Working Hours:

You need to put in a minimum of 10hrs everyday(!!)




market research, business research, financial research, contract management services, legal research services, litigation support services, iimigration support services


China, Romania, Chile, India(Gurgaon, Noida)