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Founder: Philip Bligh, Douglas Turk
CEO: Philip Bligh

Placement Procedure: Edit

1)WRITTEN:-Aptitude and technical test
Maths, English
SQL questions
3)INTERVIEW:-Technical and HR
They give you some cases like if you are the MD of some XY company, and then give you some condition... whats your vision from that position...some puzzles...and some technical question on SQL...and from your favorites core subjects...

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Share Price (at the moment):



No, but if they pay for your training, then you are to sign a bond, equal to the money spent on the training.

Fresher Package:


Onsite Opportunity:

Very Good


SAS, Siebel, SAP, Salesforce


Quite decent, ranges between 3-25%

Switching Option:

Tremendous. Its a launching pad for better companies.

Working Hours:

Generally fixed, might be flexible due to project requirements




Most of the Managed Services that Inforte provides require third-party data to provide a comprehensive view of the customer. provide seamless execution of sales and marketing campaigns: Data Entry - e.g. returned mail, promotion responses EDI links to agencies and fulfillment Campaign response mail handling...


Chicago, Atlanta, Gurgaon