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Founder: H. J. Zimmer

Placement Procedure: Edit

1)WRITTEN:-Technical Test on core chemical engineering
2)INTERVIEW:-HR & Technical interview, followed by interaction with M.D.
Technical:-Heat & Mass Transfer ,Fluid Mechanics, projects you did

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Share Price (at the moment):



Yes, 4 years-2 lacs

Fresher Package:

CTC 4.0 LPA (After 1 yr of training) 15k during 1 yr training

Onsite Opportunity:

Fair amount of onsite opportunity


Refinery Technology consisting of conventional refinery technologies. Alternative Technology based upon turning natural gas, coal, biomass to synthetic fuels through gasification, fischer-tropsch and proprietary methanol to synthetic fuels Renewable Technologies include biodiesel as well as bioethanol process.


Quite reasonable

Switching Option:

Technip, UOP

Working Hours:





Consultancy, Market Studies, Prefeasibility and Feasibility Studies, Product Marketing, Financial Engineering, Countertrade, Contracting, Global Sourcing, Global Engineering, Project Management, Construction and Erection, Customer Service


New Delhi