Company Facts for TATA MOTORS

Founder: JRD Tata
CEO: Carl Peter Foster

Placement Procedure: Edit

WRITTEN:-Aptitude and Technical test
  • Aptitude:-(36 question in 27 minutes)
  • Technical:-(36 question in 36 minutes)...Fluid mechanics, design and thermal, FEM, Production (fits and tolerances, manufacturing technology, management science..etc)
INTERVIEW:- Technical and HR

  • TOPICS:- Bernouli's theorem , Pascal's law, aerodynamics (basic boundary layer theory, circulation theory, flaps and slats, applications of these in formula cars and aircrafts), vibration basics, vibration measuring instruments (concepts behind vibrometers, accelerometers), mathematics involved in vibrations, control systems (laplace transforms), Turbo machinery (basics of turbojet engines and its working, difference between rocket fuel and turbo jet fuel, use of heat exchangers and inter coolers), boilers, difference between steam power plant and nuclear power plant, nuclear power plant details (fuel, working fluid, coolant), Lathes (whether key can be made in a shaft using lathe?), milling, Diesel and petrol engines, CRDI, types of steering mechanisms, suspension systems...

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Company Info: Edit this content

Share Price (at the moment):



two year

Fresher Package:

4.9 Lpa

Onsite Opportunity:



1. To design electrical circuits and systems as per vehicle and regulatory requirements
2. To design and develop wiring harness, other electrical parts & relevant brackets etc.
3. To incorporate necessary design changes to existing designs to fulfill customer requirements, and cost reduction etc.
4. To ensure electrical systems packaging on vehicle i.e.DMU and installation drawings preparation etc.
5. To interact with other aggregate groups and suppliers for design reviews
6. To preapre Bills of material (Total parts list)
7. To ensure ECN release in PLM
8. To execute proto type vehicle activities
9. To prepare CMVR and Homolgation documents for electrical systems.



Switching Option:

Maruti suzuki and many others company

Working Hours:





Electric vehicles


Kolkata, Guwahati, Bhubneshwar, Jamshedpur, Mumbai, Pune ,Ahmedabad, Indore, Gurgaon, Chandigarg, Lucknow, Chennai, Kochin, Bengaluru