Company Facts for MICROSOFT

Founder: Bill Gates, Paul Allen
CEO: Steve Ballmer

Placement Procedure: Edit

Total six sections : (2 hour)
  • Aptitude : basic general mental ability questions
  • C/C++ : good knowledge of languages is expected
  • DS: time complexity + tree traversals
  • OS : process and memory management
  • DBMS : basic questions
  • Compiler : toughest section
For MSIT :- i.e testing, the pattern is different
  • 60 minutes technical test:-
    write test cases for many questions like registration form, computer game, quadratic function and so on...most of the question are based on testing and some 4-5 on C.
  • Data structures, Algorithms, DBMS...Coding is on Data structures, and c,c++ programming.
  • Compilers, Advanced analytical.
  • HR:- Communication skills and give some cases also. Totally IQ based.

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Company Info: Edit this content

Share Price (at the moment):




Fresher Package:

6-9.12 Lacs in NIT/BIT/REC 14 Lacs in IITs

Onsite Opportunity:



.Net main – C#, C++, Java in some teams as well


2.2% approx

Switching Option:

Google, Adobe, Yahoo, Amazon and a bunch of others

Working Hours:



93,000 in more than 100 countries


Cloud Computing Software


Hyderabad, Bangalore and globally present everywhere.